The tribe known as Urk'krak is for only those orcs who are truly sadistic and
evil enough to harness the ever growing power of death. Those who have decided
to walk the dark path worship Yurtrus, the Orcan God of Death, above all other
forces governing the universe. Through intense sacrificing of all beings, elves
above anything else, the power of Yurtrus is invoked

Ever since the beginning, members of Urk'krak have been taught to find delight
in sacrificing the weaker races. Elves, gnomes, halflings, humans are all weak
in the eyes of Yurtrus. In addition, almost every scalp is accepted by Yurtrus,
with the exception of our own blood. Those who can slay the mighty dragons will
be rewarded above anything else.

The symbol of Tribe Urk'krak is an orcan fist clenching a still beating heart,
with the eight pointed star of Yurtrus standing behind it.


Credits are awarded for scalps of fallen foes and for dragon corpses. The amount of credits earned can be seen on the following chart:

Deva, Lammasu, Elf, Dwarf, Demon, Gnome and Drow scalps = 2 credits

Dragon Corpse = 10 credits

All other scalps = 1 credit

If you attempt to sacrifice an Orc, Half-Orc or Warg scalp, you will be smited by Gruumsh and your cord will be destroyed! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SACRIFICE/THREAD A ORC, HALF-ORC or WARG SCALP!

Scalp CordEdit

The cord allows you to thread your scalps onto it, allowing you to save up many scalps before sacrificing.

Usage: thread scalps Put scalps on the cord

If you look at the cord, you will see the list of how many scalps and of what type are on it.

To sacrifice the scalps on the cord, type "sacrifice cord" at the Statue of Gruumsh.

Sword of PestilenceEdit

The sword of pestilence (SoP) is our org weapon and is one of the best in the game. It changes skill type depending on your highest weapon skill, sword, hammer, spear, dagger, staff, etc.

The sword gains power with the amount of credits you have in the guild. At max, the SoP will give you a +1500 hp and +1500 gp boost, and it will also have the ability to disarm your opponents. This is truely the weapon of a Master of Death.

War PlateEdit

The war plate is a chest armour that has it's AC's based on your credits. At max, the AC's in the War Plate are similar to the Oni War Plate. The War Plate also offers a GP regen ability that regens a small amount of GPs during battle.