A Paladin is a Warrior of Severan and is sworn to help the weak and needy in their times of trouble. Along with their alies, the Priests of Severan, Paladins fight to rid the Realms of the Servants of Evil.

As a Paladin, you would not only be blessed with strong fighting abilities, but with spells granted to you by the Mighty Severan to help you on your journey throughout the Realms. This offers you the most well rounded offensive, defensive, healing and speciality powers of any guild in the Realms.

To further help you on your quest in conquering your foes, Severan has provided you with a Holy Avenger which, once fully forged, is one of the best weapons in the Realms.


The triad code:

  • A Paladin serves by the grace of our god, Severan.
  • A Paladin lives to champion the cause of good.
  • A Paladin strives to be honorable at all times, but not at the cost of faith or good.

The amendments:

  • A Paladin only kills those proven to be evil, such as those spawned from the nether regions, or those who have committed evil; those who seek to kill or have killed for evil or unlawful purposes; and those who desecrate or seek to desecrate our god, Severan.
  • A Paladin aids those of good if they need aid and protects those of good who need protection.
  • A Paladin may never knowingly tell a lie.

Stat Requirements

Bastet: Str 6, Con 7, Wis 12
Dwarf: Str 5, Con 4, Wis 16
Elf: Str 10, Con 7, Wis 8
Gnome: Str 9, Con 7, Wis 9
Half-Elf: Str 9, Con 7, Wis 9
Half-Orc: Str 4, Con 5, Wis 16
Hobbit: Str 9, Con 7, Wis 9
Human: Str 7, Con 7, Wis 11

Race Requirements

Bastet, dwarf, elf, gnome, half-elf, half-orc, hobbit and human.

Advancement Guides

ad f to 5
ad fa to 5
ad f.c to 10
ad f.c.m to 15
ad fa.s.o to 15
ad fa.s.d to 15
max f.c.m.s
max fa.s.d.s
max fa.s.d
max fa.s.o.t
max fa.s.o
max fa.s
max fa
max fa.i.scroll
max f.c.m
max f.c.s
max f.c.p - only if you want to, otherwise skip
max f.c
max f
max f.p
max fa.i
max fa.i.r
max fa.i.w
max fa.i.p
max fa.p