Due to the lack of progress and direction within the Chaos Legions some of the most power-hungry and strong members decided to take the matter into their own hands. After having consulted their great Avatar Yogethoth, whom had been greatly displeased with the organization for a long time, they proceeded with their plan to take power over the Chaos Legions. With the blessing of Yogethoth giving them even more courage they took control and immediately disbanded the organization in its present form. At the same time they implemented new rules making it harder to join in order to keep out those lacking the real conviction and dedication towards POWER, CHAOS and EVIL. Due to the current passivity of the organization they met little or no resistance at all. Yogethoth being pleased with what he saw showed his consent with the changes by increasing the benefits gained by joining. What changes made by the council and what benefits extended by Yogethoth is a mystery to all but the Great Avatar himself and his children.