This great maul is an enormous weapon. Nearly five feet in length it is made
from white oak. Stories abound about the origin of this maul, the most common
being that a dwarven priest enchanted an acorn and planted it near the grave of
his father. His father had been a great dwarven warwizard who fought in many
battles. He wanted his spirit to live on in the tree. As the priest neared the
end of his days he realized the tree too would eventually die. So he used the
wood to create holy weapons as strong as his father's will. They were to be
passed from generation to generation doing the work of good. Some were lost,
others stolen, and yet others taken by victorious enemies.

It looks to be a fairly standard maul. It is as smooth as silk and as solid as
the most dense metal. Aside from the stunning wood grains no markings or
designs can be seen on this weapon.

The Great Maul of Piety is draconic at hitting.
The Great Maul of Piety is envied by the Elder Gods at damage.

Hands Used: 1