About Dawn

Welcome to Dawn, a Discworld-based LPMud offering excitement and adventure to those brave enough to grasp it. It is a world of stunning beauty and terrifying evil, where creatures long regarded as legendary beings of lore and myth are commonplace; lands of light and lands of shadow lie within the reach of all.

From the religious, lawabiding city of Treeth with its priests and paladins, to the scruffy port city of Iapage, teeming with pirates and other unsavoury characters; from the dark evil of Hylar and its forbidding Red Guard, to stately Kai-Thaan and its courtiers and bureaucrats; from the fragile, beautiful lands of Albion and the ethereal ellyllon, to the hostile depths of the underdark and its deadly inhabitants; adventure, magic, glory ... and perhaps death ... all can be found within these realms.

To play on Dawn, simply load up your favorite telnet client and connect to on port 3000. Character creation is quite simple and straight forward once you connect.

You can visit the official website at